Waikoikoi School students are lifelong learners who are positive in their own identity, are community minded and globally connected.  They are committed to their own learning through using strong communication and collaborative skills

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Waikoikoi School is an exciting and fabulous contributing (Year 0 – 6) country school situated 20 minutes from Gore and 10 minutes from Tapanui.

Waikoikoi is a small country school which nurtures and supports students during their developmental years.  We have unique qualities which only a small country school can provide; academic excellence with strong personal values and committed community support.  As a school we are very proud and protective of our "uniqueness".

We work hard to ensure that all students are catered for and focused on learning to the best of their ability, socially, academically, personally and culturally.  Our students do extremely well at interschool sports events and go on to achieve well at High School.

Students are immersed in an environment that places a high emphasis on becoming the best they can be, valuing themselves, valuing other people, using initiative, and developing high order thinking skills.  We look at values such as Responsibility, Respect and Kindness.

Waikoikoi School also ensures that its students are prepared for the 21st century, keeping abreast of innovations in education and adapting so that our students become intelligent young adults with high personal values.

At Waikoikoi School we base every decision, every course of action on what will make a difference for the students at our school. 

We have two teachers at Waikoikoi School in two classrooms NE- Year 3 and Year 4-Year 6 covering the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  We monitor student's progress closely, so each child gets the very best education.  In the afternoon the students are taught together for topic and inquiry learning.  All learning is also supported by our Teacher Aide.  Each student gets one on one learning each day.  We are proud to be an Enviroschool.  This means that we have support from Environmental specialists and the students at Waikoikoi School get to learn outside of the classroom as much as possible.

We look forward to being a part of your child's education.

Jacqui Dillon


We are open to enrolments from any students who would like to join us at our great school. Currently we have students that travel from all parts of West Otago, who choose to attend our school. Please remember that we are open for you to visit, and for enrolments from students aged 5 - 11 years of age whose parents would like their child to take their learning journey with us.  Contact the school office to learn more office@waikoikoi.school.nz

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About Us

What we offer:
  • Strong Focus on Literacy and Numeracy

  • Strong Focus on our Environment through the Enviroschools Programme

  • Highly motivated students

  • Strong personal values amongst everyone at Waikoikoi School

  • Classrooms that cater for individual learning styles

  • Small class sizes for more one to one learning with the Teacher

  • Computers and laptops in the classrooms networked on a high speed internet service

  • One device per student

  • Experienced, friendly and motivated staff 

  • Programmes that are designed for each students individual needs

  • Delightful country atmosphere

  • Spacious Grounds

  • Modern Resources

  • Supportive BOT, Home & School Association and wider community

2021 Term Dates

Term 1 - Wednesday 3rd to Friday 16th April

Term 2 - Monday 3rd May to Friday 9th July

Term 3 - Monday 26th July to Friday 1st October

Term 4 - Monday 18th October to Tuesday 14th December